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45 Sleeves from the 1960s,1970s,1980s.

Hello, I've been a Record Collector since 1964, my first 45 rpm I ever got was

"The Beatles- I Want To Hold Your Hand", A Big Beatles Fan. Other favorites include

"Nancy Sinatra""Bobby Vinton""Abba" .

   Also love Instrumental Music from the 50's,60s .

Site Updates

Jan 6 2011: Update.

I changed Page 6 and added some Rare Beatles Sleeves and Import Sleeves.

I also added some Top 30 and Top 40 Record Lists from radio stations WHIM,WPRO,WBZ and WRKO.

I may add more later.

 Jan, 18 2011 - Update -  Added two more sleeves to page 6.

I have two boxes of old Record Lists from 1950's a few 1960's and many 1970's.


Anyone who wants to contact me can reach me at:   waw5114@irave.com